Burns Competitions at Dean Park 2018

Burns Competitions at Dean Park 2018

Dean Park has a longstanding tradition of celebrating Burns and each year holds competitions in Burns poetry recitation, singing, instrumental and art.

For poetry, singing and instrumental, we hold our own competitions for each class from P3-P7, and the children judged to have given the most engaging performances are put forward for the school finals.

All Dean Park final competitions are judged by members of the Balerno Burns Club and Marchbank Burns Club.  Competition dates this year are:-

  • P3 & P4 Poetry         – Friday 27th Jan 2018
  • P5, P6 & P7 Poetry  – Friday 2nd Feb 2018
  • P5, P6 & P7 Singing – Friday 9th Feb 2018

The prize-winners from the P5-7 finals are given the opportunity to represent the school at the Edinburgh & District Burns Clubs Association competition held at St George’s School for Girls on March 3rd 2018.

P4 pupils can be entered for the district competition, however they must perform a Burns poem or song of between 18 to 30 lines at the Dean Park competition.

We’ve explained the expectations for the different year groups, and these are set out below.

  • Children can choose from the selected poems for each year group. This sets a level of challenge for all children in P5-7 that is in line with the standards by which the Edinburgh & District Burns Clubs Association competition will be judged.
  • While we are aware that this can and should be a challenging experience, and we would expect all children to take part, we believe it must also be a positive and rewarding one.
  • We know that you will be in the best position to judge how this balance of challenge and enjoyment can be achieved sensitively as children practise their poems at home. If the expectations set out below prove to be unrealistic, then children should be encouraged to take part at a level that suits them best. We want them to enjoy reading their poems!

P3 Poetry 

Scots poetry (poems attached). In-school competition only.


P4 Poetry 

Scots poetry (poems attached). These are for P4 children who do NOT wish to be considered for the regional finals.

If they do want to be considered for the regional finals, they must choose a section of at least 18 lines from any of the poems on the P5-P7 list.


P5-P7 Burns Poetry

(poems attached) Minimum of 18 lines at P5 and 20 lines P6-7 of a Burns poem.


P5-P7 Singing (School Final 9 Feb 2018)

Burns song with a minimum of 18 lines. Suggested song list attached.


P5-P7 Instrumental (School Final 9 Feb 2018)

One/two Burns songs or one other Scottish piece and a Burns song. No longer than two minutes. For pupils who play instruments in school, the choice of music pieces will be discussed with the music teacher.

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