Our Staff

A well educated workforce:

Mrs Shanks places a strong expectation on herself and her staff to be lifelong learners. She is a firm believer in personal development and reflective practice. Her belief is that we are privileged to be part of the state education system and have a duty to ourselves, our pupils and our profession to be all we can be.

Mrs Shanks is very proud that her teaching staff are all engaged in professional development with many, who have or are undertaking, postgraduate study. Mrs Shanks is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Education at the University of Glasgow and feels it is very important, as Headteacher to make sure that she engages fully in the Scottish education system and has real knowledge on how lifelong learning helps in improving schools (most importantly this one). Mrs Shanks shares her education journey with the children regularly as it is important that they appreciate that learning is an ongoing process.

Senior Management Team

Headteacher – Mrs R Shanks    MA, PGCE P, PGCE E, M Ed

Depute Headteacher – Mr B Speedie    BSc Hons, PGCE P, M Ed, SQH

Acting Depute Headteacher – Mrs C Thomson    BEd

Teaching Staff 2018-2019

Mrs J Ahmed
Miss K Birrell
Miss R Campbell
Miss A Carey
Miss R Chesser
Miss Collins
Miss Coull
Mrs S Donnan
Mrs K Foley
Mrs S Gartside
Mrs C Hartley – Support for Learning
Miss M Lawrie
Mr A Lowe
Mr A Parsley
Miss J Ross
Mrs R Smeaton-Brown
Mrs V Smith – Acting Principal Teacher
Miss M Thompson

Music Specialist Teachers

Mrs A Booth – Cello Teacher
Mrs K Miller – Violin Teacher
Mr Williamson – Brass Teacher

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs P Grierson
Mrs A Bathgate
Mrs R Brown
Mrs W Byun
Mrs L Christison
Mrs R Davies
Mrs C Dibben
Mrs J Flockhart
Miss L Gerard
Mrs S Thomson
Mrs J Torley
Mrs A Wilson

Nursery Staff

Mr M Grieve – Class Teacher
Mrs K Gibb – Early Years Officer

Early Years Practitoners

Mrs C Jones
Mrs M Lynn
Mrs C Milne
Mrs M Telford

Administrative Staff

Mrs P Wingate – Business Manager
Mrs A Buchanan – Office Assistant
Mrs T KigginsSchool Information Officer

Ancillary Support

Mr A Fraser – Service Support Officer

Miss J Montgomery – School Cook

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