Promoting Positive Behaviour

We wish to encourage a partnership with you to ensure the best possible standards of pupil behaviour.

Rights Respecting School

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Dean Park is the first school in Edinburgh to become a Level 1 and Level 2 Rights Respecting School. This award is based on understanding the values and articles of the United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). To secure, and in order to retain this award, it is a requirement that:


  • all children and staff understand the language of rights, respect and responsibility
  • the ideals are embedded into our school development plan
  • children are involved in decision making
  • a steering group is established
  • class charters are established
  • the school develops an ethos where children use the language to support their role as Global Citizens
  • the school promotes its shared values with parents and the wider community.

The rights which are written as numbered articles can be found tied to all aspects of the children’s learning. They are often displayed beside examples of work. The benefits associated with this award are becoming increasingly apparent in the classroom, in the playground, on trips and outdoor classroom activities.

Behaviour Management Policy



At Dean Park we have a positive behaviour policy. We have a whole school approach using the ‘Good to be Green’ traffic light system and a ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ wall chart system for the upper school. .
Permeating this is the work Dean Park has done to achieve Rights Respecting School status, where all pupils are encouraged to be familiar with their own and other’s rights and responsibilities. This, along with the ethos of our school, means that expectations for behaviour at Dean Park are of a very high standard.

‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ Wallchart Upper School


frogstickersPupils are awarded ticks or stickers corresponding to a capacity when they have achieved something within that area. For example, if a pupil contributed well to a group task, they may be awarded an ‘Effective Contributor’ badge, or if they were picking up rubbish in the playground, they may be awarded a ‘Responsible Citizen’ badge. When they achieve a certain number of a type of badge, (number depends on stage e.g. P4 = 4 ticks), they are awarded a certificate at assembly.

‘Good to be Green’ Traffic Light System



This traffic light system is designed for use by any member of teaching or management staff in the school, and provides:

  • A consistent, fair approach to discipline throughout the class/school.
  • A simple and visual system for pupils to understand.
  • A system that is time efficient, simple to operate and maintain.
  • Recognition for those children who consistently behave well

Pupils start each day on a green card and if they stay on green all week they are awarded an extra five minutes playtime at the end of the week. If pupils misbehave, they are given a warning; then if the behaviour continues, they are given a yellow card. This means they will not get the extra five minutes for staying green all week. A red card may be issued if a child continues to misbehave the same day that a yellow card has been issued. At this point the Senior Management Team become involved in the incident and restorative practice will be undertaken. All yellow and red cards are recorded by the class teacher.

Individual Class Teacher’s reward system


rewardEach class teacher will usually have their own individual reward system in place to run alongside the previous two systems and to aid with class motivation. This may take the form of marbles or vouchers awarded for good behaviour.
The behaviour management system within Dean Park primary is designed to be an effective way of promoting positive behaviour, rewarding those pupils who always behave and as a means of being able to keep track of those pupils who find it harder to meet the school’s expected behaviour code.

Anti Bullying Policy


bullyingWhilst many believe that children who bully must be punished for their behaviour, it is widely accepted that this type of response can at times be ineffective, dangerous, breeds resentment and can make the situation worse.
Punishment can make a person resentful instead of reflective. Children who bully must be given the opportunity to understand the distress and anger they have caused to others. Punishment does not help to restore relationships and can result in further retaliation. Whilst appropriate action will be taken by the school, it is also important that all parents involved, work with the school to resolve the problems in the best interests of their child or young person. At Dean Park we call this Restorative Practice and our Senior Management Team are fully involved in its implementation.

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