Our Values

We believe in pupil voice!

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Saint-Exupéry

It is, similarly, only with the heart that one can hear rightly, especially when listening to children, but if we truly want to transform teaching and learning, then it is precisely where we need to start.

Our aim is to create a learning community where everyone has the opportunity to flourish.

Dean Park is a Level 2 UNICEF Rights Respecting School. We work very much on a basis of class charters and we have a positive behaviour scheme called ‘Good to be Green’. This rewards good behaviour each week. When things do go wrong we use Restorative Practice, which works through difficulties with an individual in a positive and reflective way. We do not tend to have many behavioural issues which I am sure refers back to my societal values comment earlier. However, we also set high standards – unsociable behaviour and disrespect are not tolerated. I temporarily excluded a pupil this session, which is always very disappointing for us as a school but from temporary exclusions comes a chance to start afresh on re-admission to the school. This can be very positive!

The children run many school faculties, organisations and working groups in the school to which they are democratically elected. Most are supported by teachers, parents and community groups. To fully appreciate just how engaged the pupils are in the Ethos and Culture of our school you would have to come and see us in action.

We work hard in keeping the whole school community up to date with communication with regards to the work and life of the school. The Headteacher operates an open surgery each morning from 8:30am -9:00am for parents. If you would like to talk to her, please take this opportunity. If the surgery times don’t suit, please make an appointment at the school office.

Mrs Shanks does run out of hours surgeries at Balerno High School once each term. These are announced on our Facebook page and school website.


We are committed to supporting the development of the whole pupil and as a result, wish to encourage their development in spiritual, moral, social and cultural terms.
These key human aspects of learning are supported through the following arrangements by:

  • Creating a school ethos which, in every way possible, gives value to these aspects of development, especially by providing an overall atmosphere that is both caring and challenging and which provides opportunities for the development of personal responsibility.
  • Promoting social and moral learning through the way in which disciplinary issues are handled.
  • Ensuring that staff and adults within the school provide positive models for pupils.
  • Arranging regular gatherings of the school as a community and using such occasions to encourage and reinforce the values on which the school is based.
  • Enriching the curriculum in all appropriate areas with an emphasis on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Providing opportunities within the curriculum to advance personal and social development.
  • Providing a programme of religious education in which consideration will be given to responses to basic questions relating to the meaning, value and purpose of human life.
  • Providing a programme of moral education.
  • Taking every appropriate opportunity to acknowledge, value and appreciate the various cultures and heritage of the pupils and to encourage them to appreciate and value the cultures and heritage of others.

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