Park and Stride Week

Next week the JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officers) will be running a Park and Stride Week, supported by the Health Committee.

Please read their LETTER to find out why they have chosen to organise this activity, what events will be happening in school and how you can help support the JRSOs new campaign.

In summary, next week there will be:-

  • park and stride to school each day
  • A fun fitness session, “Wake up, Shake up” every morning in the main hall from 8:30am
  • A daily class survey to see which class has had the most active journeys to school
  • A poster competition to promote the benefits of Park and Stride (due in Friday the 1st of December to Miss Lawrie for judging by the JRSOs)

The JRSOs hope to see you all at their Wake-up and Shake-ups next week following your active journey to school, and look forward to receiving your posters.


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