Fairtrade Art Competition

We were delighted to have Lesley Henderson from the Balerno Fair Trade Group attend our assembly last week to present the winners of the Fairtrade Fortnight Art Competition with their prizes.

The theme for this year’s competition was based on a Fairtrade Foundation slogan, “Fairtrade opens doors – come on in!”. Pupils were asked to create a picture which showed what this meant to them or what it made them think of.

The unenviable job of judging the artwork was carried out by members of Pentland Art Club and we are delighted to announce the winners:-


  • 1st – Daniel L (P2)
  • 2nd – Elizabeth (P2)
  • 3rd – Mhairi  (P2)
  • Highly Commended – Alina (P2)


  • 1st – Ellie M(P4)
  • 2nd – Emelia (P5)
  • 3rd – Rachel (P4)
  • Highly Commended – Charlotte and Noah


  • 1st – Tulla
  • 2nd Ella (P7) and Josh (P7)
  • 3rd – John (P6)
  • Highly Commended – Sophie R (P7)

Each received a certificate, a large Fairtrade bar of chocolate and a Fairtrade banana. Those first in their age category also saw their artwork commissioned as a post card which will be used around Balerno to publicise Fairtrade.

The winning posters are currently on display in our reception area, so please take the time to look at them next time you’re visiting.

This year’s Fairtrade event was postponed due to the snow and will now take place Saturday 21st April 10am-12noon in the Balerno Parish Church Halls. The children’s artwork will also be on display at this event.


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