It was the sockiest of days…

On Thursday 22nd March 2018, Primary 7 organised a school-wide event for Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day.  The theme was based on Lots of Socks, as people with Down’s Syndrome have an extra chromosome and chromosomes look like socks!

Joining us for the day was former Dean Park pupil Sam, as Sam has Down’s Syndrome and he is the reason why we continue to raise awareness of this condition. It was wonderful to have Sam felt like he had never left us!

With the help of the P7 teachers, every class from P1 to P6 had a marvellous time attending all of the socky activities…and there were many…

Testing everyone’s knowledge on Down’s Syndrome was the ‘socky quiz group’.  Surrounding them was the extremely popular ‘socky dip’ and the incredibly messy socky painting! There was also make your own socky puppets, socky bowling, a sock treasure hunt, guess the teacher’s sock and pin the sock on the donkey.

By the end of the day the buckets were filled with donations, and the total raised was a whopping £340!  Everyone cheered when the total was announced. All £340 will go towards Down’s Syndrome Scotland.

It was wonderful to see so many people come dressed in lots of socks.  There were winners in each year for the sockiest dressed!

Thank you to everyone for supporting this event, P7 hope everyone enjoyed themselves as well as learning more about Down’s Syndrome.

Lots of photos were taken of Lots of Socks Day, so please click HERE to view some of them!

Report written by Olivia Kiggins, P7.


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