A Tale of Two Authors

We were delighted to welcome not one, but two, authors to Dean Park recently.  Edinburgh-based Diana Hendry spent an afternoon with P7A, following their study of her novel, ‘Out of the Clouds’, and P1 and P2 had a lovely morning with Coo Clayton, author of Maggie’s Mittens.

Primary 1 and 2 enjoyed hearing Coo read Maggie’s Mittens, which took them on a delightful tour around Scotland. Coo donated any profit made from the sale of her books to ‘Kira The Machine’,  a fundraising endeavour to raise funds for pioneering cancer treatment overseas for a local 14 year old pupil at Firrhill High school.

Diana Hendry’s recent visit to P7A, stemmed from a school trip to the Edinburgh Book Festival back in August 2017. Diana was one of several authors the P7s heard talk and were inspired to read her then, latest novel, ‘Out of the Clouds’, a mystery tale about a boy whose father has gone missing and his subsequent journey to find his dad.

The class enjoyed reading the book immensely and even made a large 3D model of its setting, Dizzy Perch, a towering, crooked house perched on some cliffs.

The class decided to contact Diana to tell her about their project and accordingly invited her to the school, and much to their surprise and delight they received a very prompt reply from an equally thrilled Ms Hendry!

Due to a busy schedule Diana’s visit to Dean Park was only recent, however she was extremely generous with her time and spent the entire afternoon with a very lucky and excited P7A.

As well as inspecting their model of Dizzy Perch, she answered lots of questions about being an author and chatted openly with the children on the different themes ‘Out of the Clouds’ raised.  She also read extracts from several of her books including her newest, ‘Whoever You Are’ the sequel to ‘Out of the Clouds’.

Diana assisted the class in writing poetry and gave suggestions on how to create interesting characters, as well as give good advice on how to develop an infant picture book.  P7A have since created an abbreviated version of ‘Out of the Clouds’ which they intend to read to the P1s and and P2s.

All this started from a simple visit to the Book Festival, what a journey!



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