A Super Day for Superheroes

On Thursday 26th April, you could have mistaken Dean Park for the latest setting of a Hollywood movie, as courageous and mighty superheroes paraded around the school.

From Captain America to Wonder Woman, Iron Man to Bat Girl, staff and pupils in both the nursery and school dressed up – some in full superhero attire and others in makeshift capes and masks – to celebrate Edinburgh’s starring role in the latest Avenger Marvel movie, released at the weekend.

A number of other events took place in the city to mark the occasion, such as children travelling for free on public transport if dressed as a superhero, or businesses offering discounts if customers turned up in a cape and mask!

Pupils undertook a variety of literacy and creative tasks based on the superhero theme, as well as discussions around resilience and problem solving.

Although not everyone dressed up, it was still a fun and memorable day for all.

To view photos of Superheroes Day click HERE.





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