Gala Gunging 2018!

In case you missed it, this year’s Gala Gunging – the slime extravaganza and exciting finale to the Balerno Children’s Gala Day on Saturday  – was between two willing and brave Headteachers – our very own Mrs Shanks and Balerno High School’s Mr McCallum.

Pupils at both schools voted throughout Gala fortnight for the person they would most like to see gunged, raising money for the Children’s Gala in the process.

At 4pm, as the Gala Day was drawing to a close, swathes of children and parents started to gather around the Gungerama structure, all keen to get the perfect viewing position.

Mrs Shanks and Mr McCallum tentatively took to their seats, and with safety goggles firmly in place the countdown to their unknown fate began.

P1 pupil Harris had the enviable job of pulling the chord to release the gunge….which poured down this year on…..Mr McCallum…much to Mrs Shanks relief and delight!

Huge well done to Mr McCallum and Mrs Shanks for being such good sports and providing a memorable end to a memorable day, helping to raise lots of money for our Children’s Gala.

To view more photos of the Gala Gunging click HERE.


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