P7 Making their £5 Grow

Over the past month, Primary 7 have been taking part in Virgin Money’s ‘Make £5 Grow’ project, an initiative designed to give young people the experience of starting a small business using just a £5 loan.

The pupils formed larger groups, which increased the sum of the ‘start-up’ fund they had to invest in their product or service, and worked together to come up with ideas of how they could ‘grow’ their money.  This year the P7 erred towards selling homemade products – such as smoothies, necklaces, baking, soaps, candles, squishies and dog bandanas.

The Balerno Farmers market provided their first selling opportunity, and aided by a beautiful warm and sunny day, the children had a very successful and lucrative morning!

In order to continue to ‘make their £5 grow’ P7 have reinvested some of their profit into making more goods to sell, and the recent sports days provided the perfect forum to do so.

It is hopeful some of the groups will be selling their wares at this Friday’s infant sports day, during the break when teas and coffees are served in the Main Hall. Please support the children if you can.

The project has been a fantastic experience for the children, honing their entrepreneurial skills such as working as a team, problem solving, leadership, money management and creativity.

Once the initial start up loan has been paid back, the profits generated from Make Your £5 Grow will contribute to the P7 Leavers Party and to school funds.  What a legacy to leave behind!

Well done to Primary 7 and many thanks to all the parents for supporting their business ventures.

To view photos from the Make your £5 Grow project click HERE.

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