Fun, fitness and fables! A treasure hunt with a twist!

Dean Park Storybook Quest

The PTA invites Dean Park children, parents and friends to join us for
a family treasure hunt with a twist
10am – 12 noon on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Are you bold enough to undertake the Storybook Quest?

The Quest

An evil witch, who hates to see children reading, has cast a terrible spell over Dean Park School library.  All of the books have been magically emptied of their contents, and the stories, places and characters that they used to contain have been scattered around Balerno. 

 The school librarian has some magical skills herself and although she could not stop the witch’s spell from taking hold, she has been able to slow down its effects.  But time is running out and she desperately needs your help!  Are you a brave adventurer?  Are you willing to set out on a magical Quest to save the library’s books?

 Those who take up the challenge will be issued with a Quest map and clue sheets and will go on a journey on foot around Balerno to hunt for places, characters and items from well known children’s stories.  Adventurers will also be asked to take some photographs during their Quest, again based on scenes from children’s books. 

 You are free to plan your Quest as you choose to try to visit as many locations as possible.  All adventurers must return by noon, however, or the witch’s spell will take full effect and the library’s books will be lost forever…     


Who can undertake the Quest?

All are welcome (children should be accompanied by at least one adult).  There is no charge to take part.

The route includes some steep woodland paths and one flight of steps but is otherwise buggy-friendly.  How far you travel is largely up to you; if you complete the full Quest then you are likely to be walking for at least 90 mins, but you may wish to focus only on certain questions and shorten your journey.  All of the locations you will visit are within the central area of Balerno; none involve crossing the Lanark Road.

Adventurers should sign up for the Quest in groups of no more than eight, so feel free to bring along friends or family members.   You will be asked for a team name when registering and your team should stay together throughout the Quest.  Please take particular care of small children when crossing roads, on steep paths and near rivers and ponds.


Where and when?

Adventurers should assemble at 10am on Saturday 23rd June 2018 at the Clinic building at Dean Park School to register and to be given their Quest packs.

All adventurers must return to the Clinic by 12 noon at the latest whether or not they have completed the full Quest.  Soft drinks will be served at the Clinic on your return while answer sheets are marked and photos reviewed.

There will be a prize for the team with the highest overall score and a separate prize for the team that, in the judges’ sole discretion, has taken the most creative photograph during their Quest.


What do we need to bring?

Each team should bring a mobile phone or tablet capable of taking photographs, or a digital camera.  The photos taken will be reviewed by the judges on your devices i.e. you will not need to share photos electronically.  You will also need to bring a pen to complete your team’s answer sheet.

You might want to bring water, a hat and sunscreen if it is a hot day, or rainwear if the forecast is poor.  Some locations you visit may be muddy and so you should wear sensible footwear.

 If you have any questions about what is involved, please contact Carol Macbeth on or 07974 939129.

We hope to see you on Saturday 23rd!  The books are counting on you….


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