Storybook Quest Completed

Blessed with a bright and sunny Saturday morning, our eager adventurers turned up in great numbers to take part in the PTA’s Storybook Quest, a mission to find all the hidden storybook clues dotted around Balerno.

Before the teams set off, Mrs Carol Macbeth, the event organiser, and her troubled side-kick, school librarian Mrs Paige Turner, explained what had happened to the school books and how all the boys and girls could help by solving all the clues.

Each team was issued with a Quest booklet and map, and their aim was to find as many clues as possible, record the answers and to take creative photographs along the way.

12 noon was the deadline for returning to the school whether mission accomplished or not!  Some sprinted back to base, whilst others clearly showed the sign of a good jaunt around the village!

Whilst the answers were checked and photographs judged, everyone enjoyed a drink and treat in the sunshine.

Grateful for the return of her books and words on the pages, Mrs Paige Turner awarded 1st place to the team who gathered the most correct answers.  They received a £20 book token and certificate for their endeavours.  Joint first place was awarded for the creative photograph challenge, with each team receiving a £10 book token.

It was a hugely enjoyable morning and the PTA and school wish to thank Mrs Macbeth for her enormous efforts in not only creating the Quest but also running it on the day, and also to her son, Charlie and his alter-ego Mrs Paige Turner for the entertaining speeches as well as for designing the original Story Book Quest poster – thank you!  Can we book you in for next year?!

To view some photos click HERE.



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