Did Robin Hood visit Dean Park? Oh yes he did…!

Bringing our festive celebrations to a befitting close, on the second last day of term, pupils and staff enjoyed a very lively and entertaining show from M&M Theatrical Productions.

This is the yearly tradition of ‘Panto comes to Dean Park’, and yesterday’s production of Robin Hood did not disappoint with its comic acting, hilarious jokes and creative choreography with lots of popular dance tunes thrown in for good measure.

There were plenty of ‘boos’ for the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham, ‘high fives’ with Robin Hood and lots of hilarity from Maid Marion’s high-maintenance mother and Bernie the Emu’s silly antics.

If the children weren’t whipped into a festive frenzy before the pantomime, they certainly were by the end of it!

Robin Hood was a fun end to what has been an exceptionally busy few weeks in school, and we know that these holidays are very well earned by pupils and staff alike!

From everyone at Dean Park, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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