As of Monday 14th May, we will be trialling a new system for pupils entering school in the morning, called FLOW.

Pupils will be able to enter the school building from 8.40am and make their way to their classroom, where they can take their time to hang up their coat, unpack their school bag, settle in the classroom and prepare for the school day ahead.

Entering the school at the same time as other classes can be a stressful experience for many pupils as the entrance and cloakroom areas can become congested and noisy.  By allowing pupils to FLOW into school at varying times, congestion will be minimised which will help reduce anxiety levels.  It also means pupils will be ready to start their school day at 8.50am.

Points to note:-

  • Pupils will be greeted by staff in the building at that time and senior pupils.
  • There will be no morning bell at 8.50am.
  • Doors and gates will start to close at 8.50am and completed by 9am.
  • Pupils who arrive late should enter the school via the main entrance and report to the school office for a late slip.

In order to make this work and to allow pupils to settle, parents are asked to remain out of the playground nor to enter the school through the various access points. If parents have a need to be in the school, i.e to speak to a class teacher, they MUST enter through the main school entrance. 

This is a pilot project which we will be monitoring closely, making any necessary improvements along the way. If the pilot is successful we will consider rolling it out in the new school year.



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