FLOW was rolled out on a trial basis in the last session 2017-2018 with the following aims in mind:-

  • to make the process of entering school in the morning calm and relaxed
  • to reduce stress and anxiety levels of pupils entering school
  • to reduce congestion and noise in the cloakroom areas
  • pupils are settled and ready to start the school day prompt at 8.50am

Due to its success, FLOW was rolled out at the beginning of this new school session. As with all our systems, we continuously monitor their effectiveness and make improvements as and where necessary. Your feedback is always appreciated.

So how does FLOW work?

  • doors open at 8.40am for an 8.50am start
  • during FLOW time, children gradually filter in through the appropriate entrance, hang their coat up on their peg, sort out their school and lunch bag, then sit down in their classroom ready to start the school day
  • staff are on the main gate to meet and greet pupils and help with any anxious children
  • staff and senior pupils are in the classrooms to supervise
  • there is NO school bell to indicate the start of the day
  • if the gates are closed, your child is late and therefore must report to the school office at the main entrance, where they are issued with a late slip.
  • throughout FLOW parents are asked to remain out of the playground so pupils learn to enter the school independently
  • parents and carers should not enter the main building without permission.
  • appointments to speak to the class teacher can be made at the school office























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