Please label all clothing and shoes clearly with your child’s name.

Your child should be dressed comfortably in clothes that are easy to manage as we try to encourage independence where possible.  Practical play clothes are ideal and a warm jacket is advisable for outdoor play.

We request that each child has a change of shoes for indoor and outdoor play.  Every child has a gym bag on their peg, provided by the nursery, to hold a change of clothes; indoor shoes can be kept in their own tray.

Each child is assigned a coat peg and bag for use while they are at nursery.  The bag can be used to store a change of clothes/shoes.  Your child will also be assigned a tray in the corridor.  We will regularly place letters and other correspondence here.  Please keep indoor shoes in your child’s tray to keep our corridor tidy.

Spare clothes are always available in the nursery in the case of the occasional mishap; however it is preferable if the child has their own change of clothes with them.

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