Arrival and Leaving

Safety and Security

The start and end of each session can be very busy and crowded.  Please make sure you always close the nursery doors behind you and that no other child goes out with you that you are not responsible for.  If the nursery door is closed, please press the buzzer.  Nursery children should always be brought and collected by a responsible adult.  Please let us know if someone other than those named on the enrolment form will be collecting your child.


In the morning session, children should line up when the bell rings at 8:30 a.m. and parents should wait until their child is safely in the building.  In the afternoon session, children should be brought into the nursery by their parent/carer, where they will self-register to encourage independence and name recognition.

Story Time begins promptly at the start of the day therefore we would ask you to please adhere to the nursery arrival times.  Children being dropped off late can disrupt a group as an adult will have to open the door.


Please make sure your child is collected by the end of the session and important staff meetings take place after each nursery session.

If you are collecting a child from Compass Playgroup after nursery pick-up, we ask you to please use the designated entrances.

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