Illness and Accidents


It is nursery policy to encourage and promote good health and hygiene for all the children in our care. This includes monitoring the children for signs and symptoms of communicable diseases such as chickenpox, diarrhoea, etc.

With the welfare of the sick child in mind and in the interests of the remaining children in the nursery, if your child is ill then you will be contacted and requested to collect him/her as soon as possible.  During this time your child will be cared for by the nursery staff.

Your child can return to nursery once they are in good health.

Please see the exclusion procedures for illnesses/communicable diseases on the parent noticeboard or in the nursery policy folder.


Occasionally children do have accidents.  All accidents at nursery are recorded.  If your child has an accident at nursery, you will be asked to sign the form when you pick up.

In the case of a serious accident or illness occurring, you will be contacted immediately by telephone.

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