The Curriculum

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people
through their education, wherever they are being educated.
The purpose of the curriculum is to help children and young people to become successful
learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors (the four
capacities). The framework therefore puts the learner at the centre of the curriculum.

To help achieve our aims for learning, we use the Curriculum for Excellence, GIRFEC, the Scottish Government’s ‘Building the Ambition’ document and their self-evaluation guide “How Good is our Early Learning and Childcare”.

We aim to ensure that every child experiences a broad education which develops skills for learning, for life and work, with a real focus on literacy and numeracy and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. There are eight main areas of learning:-

• Literacy and English
• Numeracy and Mathematics
• Health & Well Being
• Expressive Arts
• Technologies
• Religious and Moral Education
• Social Studies
• Science

The staff observe the children and interact with them in a way that supports and extends their learning. Each child is treated as an individual and our curriculum is child-centred.  Children learn through play. They listen, observe, talk, explore, investigate and experiment in order to learn about the world. We aim to provide a secure, stimulating environment in which this can happen.

The information board in the main corridor of the nursery keeps parents up-to-date with what we are focusing on learning at any particular moment. We also have a two learning walls in the nursery with individual learning targets for each child.

You can see how the learning and the interests of the children evolve over the year through our Talking and Thinking books. We have one for the morning and one for the afternoon children. In these large planning books, you can see photographs, emergent writing, drawings and possible lines of development.

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