Two stars and a wish: you said, we did – October 2017

We have discussed the responses to the 2 Stars and a wish forms from the Parents Evenings in May 2076 with the school and can present the action that has been taken or is going to be taken.


Dean Park – two stars and a wish

October 2017: What you said and what we did or are going to do

At the parents’ evening in May 2017, the Parent Council asked parents for two things they liked about the school and one wish.  We collated responses and summarised the findings to parents in June. We have now discussed these with the school and can present the action that has been taken or is going to be taken as a result.



What you said What we did or will do Who is the lead

Parentmail, Children’s personal learning plans, Class newsletters start of each term, Parent Council FB page.

We thank the parents for the comments made. We have since introduced ParentPay which now allows online payments to the school.

We thank the Parent Council for their ongoing work and communications.

·           HT, BM and admin team.

·           Teaching Team.

·           PC



PTA – great events and hard work. Excellent fundraising work which is much appreciated by the whole school community.

The school thanks the PTA for all its work. The PTA is a voluntary organisation to which each parent and teacher are automatically members. Please do get involved. Currently the PTA is organising the Fun Run (25 years) and the Autumn Fayre.

The PTA have gifted £10,000 to help with the school ICT strategy and our aim is to get the school to 1:4 ratio in classrooms.


·         PTA
Teaching and Learning:

Many individual comments of praise were received about the teaching staff.

We thank the parents who took the time to praise the work of our staff and teaching team. We noticed that particular comments were made about outdoor learning, support for pupils in and out of class and children’s involvement in the running of the school.


·         Headteacher

·         Pupil Voice

·         Staff Voice

After School Extra Curricular Activities:


Praise was offered for the selection of clubs currently available and the PTA and school are thankful for these comments.

We have now introduced a breakfast club and hope to have an afterschool club in place once any planned building works have been implemented.

All teachers have committed to offering 16 half hours to afterschool club activity which will be free to all children. We have to plan what this will look like and hope to make parents aware as soon as possible.

·         PTA

·         HT

Facilities Comments were received about the improvement works to the toilets. This is an ongoing project with the windows and we hope to continue to find Dean Park recognised in the Capital Spend each year.


·         BM

·         HT

·         PC



We relish the support we receive from the local community to aid our school praxis and ethos.


·         HT


What you said What we did or will do Who is the lead When will it be done How will we know

·         Hear about events earlier

·         Individual feedback from teachers

·         More opportunity to see the children work

·         Online learning journals


·       We have issued the HT newsletter in June 2017 which has all the notable dates on it for the year. There will be exceptions to this such as individual class events but it has been stressed to teachers to get the communication to parents as soon as possible.

·       Parents are welcome to make appointments with teaching staff if they would like more time to discuss their child’s learning. Parents’ nights are limited to teachers working time agreements.

·       Parent are welcome to come and see their child’s work in school. Please make an appointment at the office or with class teacher who will happily allow access.

·       Online learning journals have been considered but due to our consistency of personal learning plans from Nursery to P7, we are reluctant to make changes to this method. Also many parents have requested this type of information is not held online.





June 2018

Teaching and Learning ·       More PE/Sport – we currently have a very active development group in place across the cluster and have planned our in-service 3 in Jan to specifically focus on the benchmarks in PE. We do have in school a member of staff with a qualification in PE and who is there to support lessons if requested. As part of our qualification as teachers it is expected we teach PE.




·       Mathematics – We have a working party specifically focusing on mathematics development teaching and learning. This is notable to our school improvement plan and our PEF allocation. Our attainment in Maths is currently above national average but we should be excelling. We are undertaking enquiry in this area.

·       No Homework – we undertook a parental survey with our PC in 2014. This had strong results which have been adapted to our homework policy. The School will review this position again with the PC in 2018.


Headteacher June 2016

·         Breakfast club

·         Loose parts play

·         Risk assessment of playgrounds

·         New school building

·       Breakfast club is now in place.

·       Loose Parts Play needs to have a working group and submission of EN1176 forms to the local authority. The school is supportive of this but it is currently not one of our priorities. The workload is intense and we need to sort the fort area and library areas to allow for an afterschool club.

·       The playgrounds are risk assessed by the Service Support Officer onsite each day. If issues are not picked up this will be addressed directly with Facilities Management.

·       New school building. The school is unable to address this concern and has passed it to the PC.



Business support



PC meeting


Agenda monthly PTA


·         Indoor shoe policy

·         Consistency of uniform and standards

·       The school is supportive of a no shoe policy but have decided to wait until all the building works are done. We would then wish to try to replace flooring and at that point move forward this matter. We do not currently have suitable storage for indoor/outdoor shoes but would be happy to move this forward as a future fundraiser after the digital tools.






·       Consistency of uniform. We have two active days and the children are aware of the dress code. If we ask the children to turn out for an event or to dress smart at school, they do so with immediate effect. Their uniform does not affect their good behaviour. As a school we think our pupils are exceptional and pass this comment to the PC to address with the parent forum. We are happy to insist but not without PC support as school uniform is not mandatory.


Headteacher PC



‘We have not included individual wishes but welcome parents to approach us or the school separately about these.


As a reminder of the Parent Council role, where concerns relate to individual situations the Parent Council are happy to assist where requested.  A member of the Parent Council can talk through these concerns with the school on behalf of the parent or raise the issue if appropriate at the parents’ education groups in Edinburgh.




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