We welcome parental involvement as research has shown that when parents are involved children do better in school. In the course of the year the following occur:


  • Open surgery daily 8:30-9am with Mrs Shanks or Senior Management
  • Community surgeries
  • P1 Induction afternoon/evening/open afternoon
  • Parents’ nights
  • Newsletters / School Paper
  • Parent helpers

We could not ask for any more support than we already receive from our children and their families. Our pupils are outstanding!
They are well mannered, hardworking and motivated. It is a privilege to teach at Dean Park Primary School. Their hard work is reflected in our many achievements. Our school is a very good example of the Curriculum for Excellence which is reflected in every child in our school.
This again is partly due to the high level of support our pupils and the school receive from you the parents and their wider families. Our school is dependent on the help we receive from our Parent Council and The Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Parental Consultation


parentconsulattionWe offer opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress with teachers through arranged meetings twice a year, normally in October and May. You will be advised when these meetings take place by letter. These appointments are only ten minutes long, so if you require a more lengthy discussion with the class teacher this should be arranged separately with him/ her.
Your child’s class workbooks will be available to view on parents’ evenings.
Over and above these set meetings, parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to ask for information or for an interview.

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