Practitioner Enquiry

Current Position & Thinking


Why Practitioner Enquiry?


Practitioner enquiry is set in a context of a reconceptualisation of what it means to be a teaching professional in Scotland and sits within the revised GTCS Professional Standards. These Standards are designed to engage teachers with school improvement processes and encourage a focus on teaching and learning and on enhancing the curriculum. Teachers should be supported to critically reflect on their practice in order to have a positive impact on the educational outcomes for their pupils.

Practitioner Enquiry encourages and supports:

  • Challenging beliefs, values and assumptions.
  • Development of vision and leadership.
  • Consideration of the links between theory, research and policy.
  • Critically informed reflection and practice.
What is Practitioner Enquiry?


  • Integral to the day-to-day practice of teachers.
  • Meaningful and sustained Professional Development.
  • Develops pedagogic knowledge and skills.
  • Has impact on learners and learning.

Next Steps


Supporting Practitioner Enquiry


We recognise that all individuals need support in different ways and that the school structures need to help to sustain and provide momentum. In order to embed Professional Enquiry in our community of learning, we will:

  • Support and encourage an understanding of approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Develop and Support understanding of how relationships with learners can be nurtured most effectively.
  • Make enquiry integral to professional learning.
  • Ensure staff have opportunities to read and discuss current literature and developments in education


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