Restorative Approaches to Behaviour

Current Position & Thinking


A restorative approach is built upon the notion of positive regard, which is based on the premise that we all need to be viewed by others for who we are. This moves our thinking away from only our actions and achievements having value. It helps us to differentiate between the person and their behaviour.

The Key Features of our approach are:

  • Mutual respect and appreciation
  • An ability to solve their own problems
  • Empathetic listening
  • A chance to tell their story
  • Acceptance of diversity
  • Inclusive approach to problem solving

The processes we follow to meet learners’ needs (5.3) are:

  1. Pupils agree that conflict or disagreement has taken place
  2. All those involved have a chance to tell their story
  3. Each has a chance to say how they can make things better
  4. An agreement is reached
  5. Relationships are healed whenever possible


This approach to behaviour management allows everyone to enjoy their rights as part of our Rights Respecting School.

Next Steps


As a level 2 Rights Respecting School we are using the GIRFEC tools and SHANARRI indicators. We will continue to develop a commonality of language and attitude throughout the school.

We will continue to engage with the whole school community to ensure that we are all are using the same language and promoting the same ethos:

We will continue to evaluate our performance (5.9) to ensure that our approaches are benefiting the whole school community and that, in particular:

  • We are providing a safe environment to discuss and reflect on problems
  • We ensure all participants are treated dignity
  • We are developing a sense of fairness
  • We promote acceptance of responsibility
  • We share our understanding
  • We encourage appropriate behavioural change
  • We are willing to listen to different points of view
  • We develop our emotional intelligence and empathetic listening skills

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