Sharing Classroom Experience

Current Position & Thinking


1.1             The sharing of classroom experience is amongst those strategies used to develop and complement the teaching and learning process and may assist staff to evaluate the quality of their teaching

1.3             Peer and management evaluation plays the major part in this process, where high quality professional interaction and dialogue between colleagues may lead to enhancement of the teaching and learning process

6.1             The date of every shared experience should be noted. Any agreed focus, purpose and outcomes recorded, e.g. development requirements.

from LNC Advice for Teachers 2011




The focus this year will be on the key SQIP priority, Teaching and Learning. We must be mindful throughout of the need to evidence impact on pupils of the development work we are carrying out. We must also identify next steps.

To that end, we propose three levels of formal, planned opportunities to identify good practice and development opportunities in Teaching and Learning in session 2014-15:

  1. SMT learning chats with pupils
  2. SMT evaluation
  3. Peer to Peer evaluation

Two other elements closely related to this process are:

  • Sampling of pupil work
  • An increased focus on evaluations and next steps during forward plan feedback
  1. SMT Learning Chats

Initially, members of the SMT will meet with individual pupils from the top, middle and lower groupings across the school. A standard format for those chats has been drawn up to ensure consistency of focus, which will be on appropriate levels of challenge.

Group chats will take place later in the session. Those will focus on elements of the development work, such as the four phase teaching model, collaborative learning and learning walls.

  1. SMT Evaluation

A timetable of classroom visits will be drawn up for the coming session. Every class will have two visits from a member of the SMT. There will be an agreed focus based on a set of reflective questions that have been shared in advance. Joint planning or team teaching with SMT will be a feature of those visits when appropriate (e.g. visits relating to Critical Skills in session 2014-15).

  1. Peer to Peer Evaluation

Teachers will identify elements of their own practice (relating to the improvement plan) that could be further developed through peer observation. The SMT role will be to facilitate observation of good practice either at Dean Park Primary or at another school, and to ensure cover is provided to allow the observations to take place.

A simple format for peer to peer feedback and record keeping of the visit based on reflective questions will be provided.


Next Steps


  • A calendar will be agreed for the remainder of session 2014-15
  • Key points gleaned in the course of learning chats with pupils will be shared with all staff and will inform next steps in whole school developments
  • Professional dialogue carried out in the course of SMT evaluations will inform the practice and next steps in the professional development of individual teachers. Common themes will be identified and shared with the whole staff.
  • Teachers will have the opportunity to share ideas and expertise discussed in the peer to peer observations with colleagues informally and through department and whole school meetings.
  • The programme will be developed consistently in future years.

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