Key Information & Policies

Summary of Key Information and Policies

  • It is extremely important that parents/guardians ensure that the Club Co-ordinator has up- to-date emergency contact details and is advised of any medical conditions, allergies or medication
  • Club Leaders are the representatives of the PTA and as such they are invested with significant authority and supported by a clear discipline code for dealing with instances of inappropriate behaviour
  • Priority for club enrolment is clearly defined but varies between clubs hence the onus is on the parent/guardian to confirm the details for a particular club.
  • There have been a small minority of cases of very late payment of fees which will no longer be tolerated.  There is now a detailed policy which highlights the system for informing parents/guardians that fees are overdue and clarifies the late payment fee and criteria for exclusion from clubs.



Some clubs benefit greatly from parental help. A little extra supervision from one parent each week enables the tutor to concentrate on teaching.  With this in mind rotas are drawn up by club co-ordinators.

If your rota is a real problem please contact the co-ordinator directly. We are happy for friends or family to help with rota duty but if you are unable to help then priority will be given to children whose parents are available.



It should be noted that whilst the children are fully supervised during their chosen activities we cannot guarantee supervision outwith the club times. We would be grateful if those responsible for delivering and collecting children from the clubs would bear this in mind and ensure that children are delivered and collected at the appropriate time.

Medical conditions/allergies/medication


Parents should ensure that club co-ordinators are advised of any medical conditions, allergies or medication which should be taken during club activities.

Emergency contact


An emergency contact number must be included on all application forms. Any change should be advised to club co-ordinators immediately.

Discipline code for PTA clubs

  • Club leaders are the representatives of the PTA and as such they are invested with significant authority.
  • If a club leader believes behaviour to be inappropriate he/she will take appropriate action in line with our new behaviour policy
  • In cases of continuing bad behaviour the possibility of suspension from club activities arises.  Suspension is based upon the judgement of the club leader backed up by the advice of the Headteacher.
  • In extreme cases it will be appropriate for exclusion to take place.  Exclusion will be agreed with the Chair of the PTA.
  • From time to time at school assembly reminders will be issued to club members.
  • A discipline report, verbal will suffice, should be heard at PTA meetings without reference to individuals.

 Priority for Club Enrolment


For clubs where pupils are developing a skill or where there has been an investment in uniforms, equipment or membership/licence fees enrolment priority will be given to existing members of the club provided that all relevant forms and fees are returned by the date specified by the club coordinator.  Failure to return forms/fees by the specified date will result in spaces being allocated to new members in order of receipt of forms/fees.  The PTA fully supports all club coordinators in implementing this policy.

Not all clubs operate this policy:  in some cases enrolment is carried out on a first come basis and some clubs are run by third party organisations with their own enrolment policies.

If there is any doubt regarding enrolment priority for a particular club then clarification should be sought from the club coordinator.

Late Payment of Fees


Unfortunately there have been a small minority of instances where late (and sometimes very late) payment of club fees has resulted in a large increase in the level of administration required.  Late payment results in additional trips to the bank, multiple updates of PTA accounts and further updates of club register and emergency contact details.

As a result of this extra administration from the Autumn 2010 term we reserve the right to charge an additional late payment fee of £7.50 (per pupil per club per term) for those who pay their fees late.  This money will be paid with all other club fees into the PTA charity bank account.  Where fees are late the parent/guardian will in the first instance be notified by phone/letter/email.  If the fees are still not paid they will be contacted by means of a letter, which will be sent out through the school or to their home address, which will detail the total amount due and payment deadline.

Late Payment of Fees – Exceptional Circumstances


It should be noted that where there are circumstances that result in a genuine difficulty in paying contact should be made in confidence with one of the PTA office bearers at the earliest opportunity, preferably before the fee is overdue.

Late Payment of Fees – Exclusion from Clubs


When requests to pay club fees continue to be ignored the child will be excluded from attending the club and will not be able to enrol in any other PTA clubs or activities until payment (including any late payment fees) is made.  Whilst we do not wish to be unfair on any child the onus is very much on the parent/guardian to ensure that fees are paid, especially where there has been repeated notification that the fees are overdue.

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