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Dean Park PTA organises a large number of clubs in order to provide a diverse range of activities for the pupils to experience and enjoy – at minimal cost to the parent. From languages to sports to creative and expressive arts….there really is something for each child to participate in!

Instruction is provided by professional coaches, tutors as well as parents, who are all disclosure and PVG checked.

Due to the popularity of our Clubs, spaces do fill up very quickly at the start of the school year which does result in many of our clubs running at capacity for the remainder of the year.  In 2012, additional classes were added to various clubs to accommodate those on long waiting lists, but this is not always possible due to restrictions on hall availability and the coaches/tutor’s availability.

Each after school club has an appointed Club Co-ordinator, who acts as the intermediary between the Club, the PTA and the Parents.  In PTA-managed clubs, the Club Co-ordinator is also responsible for the club’s administration and implementation of policies.  At this point we would like to highlight that all Club Co-ordinators are parents who carry out this function in a voluntary capacity.

Notwithstanding Club Co-ordinators will endeavour to run our clubs in a professional and efficient manner, however for this to work successfully we rely on the support of parents/guardians to ensure policies and procedures are adhered to.

This has mostly been occurring very successfully over the years but the PTA feel that greater clarity will assist in ensuring that we can focus our time and effort on running the clubs.

Application Process and Fees


New and Existing Members: If your child would like to join a class, please complete the relevant online Club Enrolment Form (click HERE to access the forms).  Please remember to inform the Club Co-ordinator of any change in contact details/emergency contact details/medical information. Cheques should be made payable to Dean Park PTA.  You will then be contacted by the Club Co-ordinator with further details. New members should not attend a club until they have received notification of a place from the club coordinator.

We would like to respectfully remind parents of the discipline code that is applied to all clubs and would like to emphasise that all clubs are for children who are interested in the activity.  The provision of any club is subject to sufficient interest, and we reserve the right to withdraw a club if enrolment numbers are low.

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