Uniform Ordering Service

Online Ordering of School Uniform


The PTA have a school uniform online ordering system, allowing orders to be placed directly with our supplier. The system allows parents to order uniform and pay online AT ANY TIME OF YEAR and eases the administrative burden on the PTA.

We therefore encourage all parents/carers to use the new online system, however if you are unable to do so the uniform order form can still be downloaded through the following link, Download Uniform Order form, or obtained from the school office and returned to the office with payment. If you are in receipt of school uniform vouchers, please use the paper system and your order will be placed.

The Online ordering system is very simple to use and has a secure payment system. Delivery can be to a designated address for a cost of £5 or sent to the school for no charge.

Orders sent to school will be issued via school bags when they arrive. Orders typically take about 3 weeks although there is no guarantee. The Image Scotland website will be kept up to date with latest order dates etc. but the uniform coordinator email address can still be used for any queries.

Please review Image Scotland’s Terms and Conditions and note that the return policy for refunds and exchanges is within 14 days of receipt – for home deliveries or from date of receipt by the school.

The thrift shop will continue to stock uniform items and is a useful place to compare sizes before ordering.

The PTA are also able to benefit if you order name labels and bag tags via easy2name.com. They do a wide variety of label types that can be sewn on, ironed on or just stuck on. A donation is made to the school from orders made by any Dean Park parents.

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