Welcome to Dean Park’s Health Committee Page

We have continued the good work of the former health committee by ensuring all pupils in the school have signed a declaration to say they will look after the toilets and always wash their hands.

The health committee introduced active Friday as an addition to active Wednesday, encouraging all children to be active and healthy.

This year we have encouraged all classes to take part in the Daily Mile.  We have introduced house points and certificates as incentives for people to try hard during the daily mile.  We believe it is important for all pupils be active and walk/run at least a mile every day.

We wanted to start an active dance morning so ‘Wake up and Shake up’ was born!  We delegated a ‘dance committee’, managed by Olivia.  They run the weekly morning sessions every Tuesday 8.40-8.50am.

If you have any suggestions concerning health in the school, please speak to your class representative or Mrs Smith.  The committee meet fortnightly.

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