#pitchfever – WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT?

2 g pitch 2 pitchfever 3 hh#pitchfever is our attempt to work collectively as a community beyond the boundaries of our schools and catchments to provide a free resource that can be used by all. It will address the current imbalance in most funding models which support grass roots development work in football and rugby but leave the likes of hockey, lacrosse, tennis and netball in an isolated and vulnerable position due to the lack of specialist area provision. This exacerbates a national issue of lack of opportunity for female participation in sports which we hope to address by refurbishing a tarmac area which is no longer fit for purpose and connecting it with our other Health and Wellbeing strategies in order to be as inclusive as possible. We believe that the process involved in energising and harnessing our community spirit and aspirations will, of itself, be of wider benefit for future projects.

Our project will bring local people together from Balerno, Ratho and Kirknewton to work towards a tangible goal which benefits all of our communities. This is particularly necessary when we consider the lack of transport infrastructure to connect up our associated areas and the barrier this presents to the richer environment of extra- curricular and after school activities which are so important to the totality of the educational experience for students and families. We will put on a number of events that help people to get to know one another and create a network in the villages keen to support both Health and Wellbeing physically and mentally.

We aim to be inclusive in sport by allowing more young people and adults access to facilities, which will allow them to experience new sports such as lacrosse, hockey, tennis, athletics and netball.

The project will also improve our local area by getting people together to help improve a current local blaes pitch and its surrounding area. It will allow full disabled access. We will further develop the area surrounding the pitch with the help of the local village trust who are currently developing a local community garden near to the existing pitch.

The aim is to get people engaged and involved, more active, healthier and inclusive by giving all people, particularly girls, the opportunity to exercise on a new 2G pitch. Currently pupils have to travel to other schools’ facilities around the city to practise and play their sport. This is costly and time consuming. By linking the #pitchfever initiative with other community based efforts to provide transportation beyond the school day, we will be improving opportunities and access to what is a fundamental part of a rounded education. The separate, CEC provision of a 3G pitch on Malleny Park will provide curricular and community access for football and rugby but is not suitable for the other sports already mentioned, as such it will not increase participation rates or provide additional opportunities for all.

We have submitted or are in the process of submitting the following grant applications: Legacy, Weir Foundation, Big Lottery, Scotmid, Benzies Foundation, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Postcode Lottery, and South West Neighbourhood. It is our aim to raise 150K.


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